Website design

Starting a new project we first need as much info about your business such as when you started, type of business, location and so on.

We then come up with a few possible design ideas that we will run by you to pick from.

From there step by step to the finial product can be seen on our development location so that your input on each page is attended to.

Planning and work strategy

  • Getting the look you wish
  • Each page is visible to you for approval
  • Custom content created if and where needed
  • The job is not done until it’s approved


We offer low cost web design for either a static ( html or php ) design or a CMS such as WordPress using the finest templates which we will customize for you.

Custom design will cost quite a bit more as we will need to have an artist come up with all the art work needed.
We would also need to slice and dice the artwork to create the HTML pages.
Should you need custom coding in PHP or Dot Net we have professional programmers that can do exactly what you want.

We will have our artist develop a design which will be created in Adobe Illustrator.
From there we will take that design and on our test location server we will create the website.
Our development website area is where you can view it in a location that is not indexed by Search engines.
Should you want we can password protect it so only those you choose can view it.
When all aspects of the website meets your approval we will then transfer it to your hosting account to go live. You will also be given all artwork. All .ai, .psd, .jpg and other types of graphic files

Custom design websites can run into many thousands of dollars depending on artwork required.
Good Artists can be quite costly
Such projects can take up to 4 months or more to complete depending on complexity.
Due to the time required and the high cost most small companies may find this beyond their budget
For that reason we recommend the use of predesigned templates which cut costs and time to delivery down considerably.

Whether you want a fully custom design or save money by using a predesign template we can help you each step of the way.
We provide you with solutions and not excuses.

Few reasons why you should choose us

Low cost high quality website design No need to spend thousands as we can build your dream site for $300

How long will it take to build?

We are pretty quick but it all depends on you. We build your site at a location where you can view it. The time to complete depends on changes you request. The more changes the longer it takes. Once you are happy with it we then move it to your website.

Latest technology used

We use the latest technology in web design for HTML, WordPress and Joomla

Need Help?

Prefer speaking with a human to filling out a form? Call us and we will be glad to help and discuss your needs.

Get a quote

If your requirements is greater than our basic website offering let us get you a price and time frame on completion