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We have been working with Joomla for many years.
We are experts on upgrading and repairing Joomla installations.
If you are planning to start a new project using Joomla let us help you.
We are experts on security issues and overall maintenance considerations.
If you need help on upgrading your website and want to keep the current template we can solve that problem.

When it comes to Joomla or Wordpress you don't need someone with much talent or knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript to make a website.
But using such people will cost you in the long run as they don't really know about the mechanics of the technology they are using. Mistakes like poor HTML or JavaScript coding which can cost you page rank in search engines are quite common with many who claim to be web designers.
We not only know how to setup Wordpress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento, Pinnacle Cart or any other software, we also know how to write the code they use.
We are up on the latest technologies such as HTML 5 animation or Responsive design and know how to write the code to do it.

Special Art Work such as Logo Design, Template Design, Commercial Software or Stock Photos is not included in our price.
For the advertised price we will setup any theme using Photos the client supplies and install it on the clients hosting account.
We will however install any open source ( Free of Cost ) software that you may require to use at no extra charge.
We will setup you email accounts and make any general settings for both the hosting account and software chosen.
We will make the basic SEO settings such as entering the Meta Tag Title, description and keywords.